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Help us to give an artificial intelligent system a real personality!

A challenge by

Honda Research Institute EU

The challenge has ended...

...and now the decision is made! And it for sure was not an easy one. The Honda Research Institute Europe has announced the top 3 winners on their website.

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Again, thanks a lot to all participants - you are awesome!

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About the Challenge

The Honda Research Institute Europe is inviting creative minds to join their design challenge:

Create the head and face of a multi-entity intelligent system for research that interacts with a user through

a mobile assistant robot,
a table-top robot, as well as through
a virtual avatar.

21/09/2017 - 22/10/2017
Prize Money
20.000 €
Online Challenge

HRI-EU is giving you the chance to focus on your passion for 2D/3D designs and innovative creations in robotics. Apply your skills to solve a real-world design issue!

  • Create a 2D/3D design of a head and face for the three embodiments of the system!
  • It is up to you whether the shape and means for expressions are abstract, futuristic, anthropomorphic or whatever comes to your mind!
  • Show us how you envision an interaction with a user and how your design helps the different embodiments to express themselves!

Note that all visualizations shown here and in the video are only placeholders for your design!

Setting of the existing system

HRI-EU has set up an interconnected multi-entity system that runs all day interacting with its surrounding.

The multi-entity system consists of a "smart room", including visual and auditory sensors, large screens, a table-top robot and a mobile robot platform.

It will be able to understand and produce speech, recognize people and their gestures, and the mobile assistant robot can manipulate objects.

Now you come into play

The design we are looking for should:

  • support the interaction with a user
  • have a high recognition value and a unique appearance compared to existing products
  • emphasize the connectedness between the different embodiments
  • allow for the conveyance of emotions

How to

The competition is open to designers from different fields including industrial, character, UX and interaction designers, as well as enthusiasts, hobbyists and anyone!

Register right now, submit your ideas (PDF obligatory and if you like a video file or standard CAD formats) between September 21st and October 22nd and get a chance to win one of the 28 prizes out of the 20K Euro prize pool.

Participation requirements

The minimal criteria for a contribution include:

  1. The presentation of the heads and faces for all three embodiments of the system: the virtual avatar, the mobile assistant robot and the table-top robot in form of drawings and/or 3D renderings (pdf required).
  2. The presentation of at least two types of interaction between the embodiments and a human user in form of drawings and/or 3D renderings (pdf required).
Embodiment appearances

Example embodiments

terms and conditions


20.000€ total prize money
1st prize: 10.000€
2nd prize: 4.000€
3rd prize: 1.000€

Additionally 25 designs will also be rewarded with 200 € as long as they fullfill challenge criteria.

Yay, almost done!

One last thing: please complete the registration by confirming the email we just sent to you!